I have a close friend who has (had) a girlfriend. He loves her a lot but unfortunately she doesn’t fit in HIS criteria; facial dimensions, physical features, culinary skills and the list goes on..

Recently he has celebrated his 26th birthday so as a result he has become the most eligible bachelor in his neighbourhood. Now the responsibility to find a suitable match for him is automatically outsourced to most reliable service providers (read parents, relatives and neighbours)

For your information, criteria for selecting a girl is that she should be as beautiful as an IPhone.

These reliable service providers claim to discover the unseen girls in less than 25 days what one is not able to uncover in 25 years

As a matter of fact, in the initial years of my life even i used to wonder that from where all these beautiful girls come from?? (Good question for a 5 year boy I think: p) But it took me around 10 years to realize that they aren’t from Venus and are gift of God to humans like we all are.

But for the last 10 years one thing I am not able to find out is that where all these beautiful girls go??

Coming back to the story, within three days, his parents have shown him some 20 stamp sized pictures of beautiful girls. I agree looks can be deceptive but they become highly deceptive at this size where you can hardly differentiate between left and right eyebrow of the girl. Though none of them was close to the hundreds he fantasizes about, due to peer (parental) pressure, he agreed to see the one who had clearly visible eyebrows.

Now cut to Scene1, outside the girl’s house:

  • There are two people (mainly disguised as child) who are stationed outside the house to see in which car have you come in (or was it an auto or a cycle rickshaw on which you and your family came!!)
  • You meet some 10-12 people on entering the house but no one is a girl among them (Sorry Auntie Ji! Will not refer you like this again)
  • While there, all your family history is discussed to which even you didn’t had any access to before (with your mouth open in awe you look like a crow)
  • Your parents like to sell you like a pro salesman selling a landline to a customer looking for a mobile
  • Your past, present and future salary is discussed upto two decimal places
  • No one there asks you what you will have and offer you all kind of sugar coated, high cholesterol Indian sweets
  • The only time your choice is considered is when the girl (in her guest appearance) comes up with  some dozen cups of tea for a family of four and ask you how much sugar you will have, as if she knows that you are on diet for past three months to get in shape by your marriage.
  • You only get 60 seconds to judge who might be going to live with you for the next 60 years (I apologize if I have exceeded the average marriage expectancy in your country)

Now my friend is in trauma post his rehearsal visits. I think it makes sense for him to change his views to “Darling, I love you and let’s marry”

But it still left me wondering Where do all these beautiful girls go♥♥


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Manish
    Jul 03, 2012 @ 01:08:09

    Holy shit……Somehow today i read something very interesting which is forcing me to think that people on this planet have similar views. I also asked same question to mine friends but never received a answer and when today i go through your blog than i realised that i am not alone whom is thinking that “where do all these beautiful girls go (specially at the time of marriage–otherwise one can find them everywhere; metro, train, plane, bus, college, canteen, restaurant, movie theater & bla bla……nice thought man…keep going and keep touching common man issues like 3 idiots did…:)


  2. Ravi
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 10:13:29

    Good going rahul..


  3. CitizenRahul
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 00:16:10

    Thanks Manish, i am quite happy that you find it interesting to which even you can relate to and have had similar experiences.
    And Ravi, thanks for the encouragement, that will keep me going 🙂


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